Call Center Midas Telecom

Call – center “Midas Telecom” – a young, highly promising company that is rapidly going forward. We have a good information base and accurately determine the most effective and popular trends of the current telephone marketing.

Today, call – center ” Midas Telecom” – is more than 150 jobs for the operators, large hardware and software association, using modern information technologies, as well as their own software and management solutions.

We are absolutely ready for all the changes in the market and offer call-center services, knowing what direction interest our potential and existing customers, and we have developed the most effective and fastest ways to solve problems and implementation of new ideas and technologies. Call – center “Midas Telecom” provides a level of processing and receiving calls in several ways: phone calls, e-mail or web-site.

Every day we are working on behalf of its customers. We were able to become a constituent element connecting our customers with customers. Ample opportunities of our services allow approach to cooperation with each partner individually, depending on the current challenges partner, his plans, wishes and conditions in which it operates.

We go to success together with our customers , so your success is also our success!