I came to the company “Midas Telecom” 14 June 2010 year to the position of sales manager for the telephone. For six months, held the position of the best manager of the Kharkiv branch, which allowed me to get more rewards: digital camera and notebook.
It is human nature to develop, that’s why 1 April 2011 year, I participated in the creation of the new unit – Monitoring Division. At the moment I am its leader. I think his achievements: improving the quality of telephone sales and Connections.

Eugene Semykin

He came to the company 18 February 2011 on the recommendation of my friend for the post of sales manager in one of the groups sales. Showed good results, and with 1 June was the senior operator. Worked successfully in this position until 15 September 2011 года. С 16 September led the new direction “Sales of satellite TV companies “Viasat”, and is now working.

Eugene Yanchuk

I came to the company “Midas Telecom” to the position of sales manager in November 2009 year. Prior to that, she worked in the family business, but soon realized, I want to change my life and be independent. In the company I have come as a temporary work, it was interesting to try out different areas, but eventually realized, that do not want to go. In early March 2010 year I was transferred to the position of supervisor, that over the past two years have evolved. Now my job – it’s a second family, friendly staff, career, financial independence – this is, I’m always looking for!

Popov, Arthur

I joined the company 24 April 2010 , the sales manager, but in the first month of the realized, that is my goal to become a supervisor. For this, I did everything, that was my best: showed a stable result, was the leader of the group, showed initiative. There were times, When I took on the most difficult sales and the city, while others did not agree to work with them.

In February 2011 I became a senior operator, this required replacing the head and still maintain the result, a month later I became a supervisor. At the moment I head operator’s room in the city of Poltava.