What skills do Midas-Telecom call center employees have?

Employees of the call-center “Midas Telecom” endowed with all the qualities of a successful operator: sociable, enthusiastic, literate and endowed with a pleasant voice. These criteria are important to us, as workers, we select the most rigorous and thorough manner. Highly skilled operators call-center “Midas Telecom” will answer all calls, and quickly take all applications at the proper level. With a staff of our call-center work regularly for the best business coaches to improve skill in communication and improve the success index.

Before you get to work, operators are familiar with the standards of high quality service, established in the contact center. Further participate in various trainings, based on the features of specific projects. Only after successful completion of certification, with regard to knowledge of goods or services, as well as service standards, the operator can start to work.

Professionalism of our operators, the use of new technologies and technical equipment will allow your customers to experience the comfort and satisfaction of communicating that, in turn, guarantees the success and development of your company.

“Midas Telecom” brings together talented people, true professionals in their field!