Service from our call center “Questioning and Surveys”

To date, the telephone survey is one of the popular ways of questioning. Pre -designed and based on the study subjects questions will help you get the latest information on the state of the market for goods and services, the quality factor, quality and popularity finally provided products or goods.

There are several ways to use the telephone survey:

  • Determination of trends in the market;
  • Study suggestions and proposals of consumers;
  • Getting specific data from specific target groups;
  • Implementation of surveys on topical themes;
  • Preparation of product evaluation and reviews of it;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing in general and individual campaigns in particular.

If you want to increase sales and advertising companies to conduct productive, then you can not do without a telephone survey. You will be provided reports on the exact age, social status and preferences of consumers. The information obtained will help you to discover new potential buyers and save time and resources allocated to search for potential customers. The main advantage of these surveys is the efficient retrieval of data not only about their products, but also about the services of competitors. Low production cost will let you know more about the state of the market, pinpoint potential customers to inform customers about new products and services without significant investment.

Clearly, for such work best to contact the call- center that can provide you with a team of skilled operators who have considerable experience with similar projects and to understand the peculiarities of this sector. It also means that you can manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Call-center “Midas Telecom” offers conducting surveys and polls among both small and large audiences of. Our technical equipment and resources allow us to carry out productive telephone surveys. After the survey, we provide you with detailed statistics reports indicating each participant and record conversations. Accurate data obtained through surveys, served in the pre-agreed terms in the right customer representative form.