Informing clients will allow you to notify consumers about the future activities of your company, whether it’s a press conference, informal meetings, sales presentations, etc. Experts call-center ” Midas Telecom” canvassing a large base of potential clients, tell details about the event and invite all interested parties to participate in it. For this purpose we exist services such as telephone calls and information event invitation.

Service “Information telephone calls “

This service is designed to inform potential customers about new promotions, actual digging or services, such as the opening of new sales points.

Working with specialists of ” Midas Telecom ” will help you:

  • Inform customers about the changes taking place concerning your company;
  • Conduct a comprehensive advertising campaign support;
  • Unleash a new point of sales and increase its popularity in the shortest possible time;
  • Increase customer interest in your company and services through additional reminders about yourself.

How the service functions:

  • Call-center employees call up and notify current and potential customers;
  • During communication with the customer, the operator receives feedback and makes the result of a call to the report.

Service “Invitation to the event “

During the invitation to the event, call-center operators “Midas Telecom” not only notify customers about events, but also recorded the participants and determine their response to the received invitation. If you know the exact number of people who will come to your event, you will be able to systematically paint job with them. This service will help you and your staff to focus entirely on the organizational issues and save time.

Operators of “Midas Telecom” perform the following functions:

  • Make a list of potential contacts the guests;
  • Call up potential participants and invite them to the event;
  • Discharged and sends invitations, and control their receipt;
  • If necessary, re- call up potential customers to find out how much interest they received information.

Obvious benefits services for you:

  • You save your time and do not spend too much time on the phone calls of employees, while gaining a ready list of contacts and registrations;
  • With our help you can quickly notify and register customers for various events;
  • Privacy Guaranteed list of clients;
  • The existing customer base;
  • You can identify interested or conversely, dissatisfied customers;
  • Get the opportunity to work with the reasons customers.

The result, which you can get on the outcome:

  • The maximum number of guests for the event;
  • Due to growth in the number of clients increases sales;
  • Save your time professionals;
  • Means for obtaining customer response over the shares or their opinion about a particular event;
  • Ability to determine the interests, desires, needs and preferences of your customers.

The consumer also receives:

  • Comprehensive information about the event, to which he was invited;
  • Opportunity to express their opinion about the company and suggestions for improving its services.