Currently, the most inexpensive and effective way to deal with debtors is Calling customers.

Timely work with debtors (information about debt and personal contact) significantly increases the amount of debt paid. Call- center “Midas Telecom” will allow you to carry out this work in spite of who is your client (either natural or legal), what amount is payable and what is the duration of repayment.

Operators call-center “Midas Telecom” to call all customers and let them know about the existing debts. During the reminder of the obligation to pay the employee call-center:

  • Know the cause of a monetary obligation, the supposed date of its maturity and personally talk about the importance of timely payment;
  • Make a detailed report showing the data.

We present to you three options work:

  • Telephone calls all debtors call-center operators ‘ Midas Telecom “;
  • Telephone calls , generated automatically (IVR);
  • It is possible to combine these two methods.

Pluses telephone calls employees ” Midas Telecom”:

  • Save time on preparation – You provide a database of debtors;
  • Treatment as soon as possible.

The process of “working with accounts receivable” is made only on the basis of information received from you customers. In a report you will be provided with lists of the base with marks indicating the fact of connection / no connection with the subscriber, and with all the comments that have arisen in the course of conversation.

Work with debtors using call-center “Midas – Telecom” will be for you not only economical, but also an effective way to obtain payment for your services!