“Mystery Shopper” or quality control service – one way of telephone interviews with call-center ” Midas Telecom “. The purpose of this service is to obtain estimates of your employees who communicate with your customers personally. It is no secret that the success of your business depends directly on the productivity of these people.

Service “Mystery shopper” is one of the ways to control your employees’ work and helps you:

  • To assess the knowledge and interests of employees;
  • Determine the properties of POS – materials;
  • Explore the work of competitors;
  • Perform outlets.

Stages of this service:

  • Operators “Midas Telecom” will be periodically phoning clients to determine whether they are satisfied the work of your employees and whether they have any suggestions.
  • Thanks to the data collected, you receive in the form of reports, you can get an idea of ​​the views and attitudes of consumers to your company.

As a result, viewing statistics, you can see what the area, according to customers, to focus.

The benefit of this service is that you will have a comprehensive and objective information. You do not have to deal with the additional finding employees and training them.

The scheme of service “Mystery Shopper”

Our company has made ​​a detailed study of the work of the test and develops profiles, where are all the options you want, which will be evaluated by your employees. Our organizer creates a script call, which includes various options for a secret conversation with your client’s employee.

We are creating a logical script make a call to spend the required amount of calls with maximum results.

This service has other uses:

  • The study of market opportunities, in other words – a study of competitive offerings in the market;
  • Control fruitfulness of your partners in collective projects.

Want to know the views of customers who have already booked services in your company, or the work of your staff? In this case, the service “Mystery shopper “from call-center ” Midas Telecom” especially for you!