Incoming services contact center “MIDAS-TELECOM”

Sometimes every company faces difficulties such as the number of calls increased at such a rate that accept incoming calls, due to the small amount of time or staff becomes impossible. Too many resources are spent on call recording and consumer demand.

Among other things, this situation is not conducive to efficient work. To define the role of each call, because each of them may contain important data about potential or existing customers. If treat contemptuously call or serve the customer without the knowledge of the case, it would entail reduction in the number of consumers.

To ensure that all possible difficulties spared your company , we can adjust and improve the process of obtaining , processing and learning for all incoming calls. We did not miss a single request, our staff of highly skilled workers and technical resources to help carry out all types of work at the highest level.

Incoming services, namely, handling, are our most important task that we perform efficiently, without requiring large investments. You also get a full report on work, which will also indicate the number of calls handled. All requests will be passed to consumers department of your office within a specified time and in a pre-determined shape. You can save time on training employees and resolution of highly technical issues and questions.