Hotline service

“Hot Line” is a service designed to handle the flow of calls originating on a variety of reasons. This feature provides support for effective advertising and PR companies. This service increases customer loyalty to your company, and they, in turn, actively talk about your company to their friends and acquaintances. Judge for yourself , all the client’s needs, so it is pick up the phone to dial the hotline to formulate a question and get a satisfying his comprehensive reply.

Our hotlines are focused on questions about the characteristics of products and activities of the company. During promotions, call-center employees conduct high-quality work, answering customer questions and, if necessary, collect additional information about users in order to use it for marketing research. Thanks to the professional technical equipment call-center and plenty of skilled operators, you can be sure that no one customer call will not go unnoticed.

The main function:

  • Multichannel number – the union of all the phone numbers in one;
  • Receiving a large flow of calls simultaneously;
  • Hour information support to customers;
  • Transferring a call to the specialists of your company;
  • Maintain statistics and other appeals deployed statements.

Advantages  for your company:

  • Increase customer loyalty;
  • The process of getting information from customers, requiring no costly;
  • Solution of various kinds of issues (human, organizational, technical);
  • Save time for you and your staff;
  • Growing level of customer service.

“Midas Telecom” provides multichannel direct phone number to create a hotline. According to this number, all calls will be taken by qualified operators. If there is a question on which the operator is not able to answer, it will be able to forward calls to the office of your company, where the answer to his question specialist has the required qualifications.

We guarantee that no request, comments, feedback and suggestions are not deprived of attention. All calls are recorded and reports are available in any coherent form.

“Hotline” will become an indispensable function in your business will help sustain and improve the relationship between your brand and your customers or consumers. Hotline – it’s a kind of expression of attention and respect to the time of your customers.