Acceptance of orders from Midas-Telecom

Receiving orders from the “Midas Telecom” will help your employees break up the routine reception and processing of incoming orders , and we, in turn, will take responsibility for dealing with your customers .
Through the use of resources and experience call-center “Midas Telecom”, Receiving orders will be an effective method to improve customer service .
Elaborate system of taking orders provides the following capabilities:

  • Reception and call handling is quick, short beeps and a long wait excluded;
  • Calls orders are processed as quickly as possible;
  • Thanks to the information base is formed of your customers;
  • Process control or make adjustments can be performed at any stage.

As a result of work of call-center “Midas Telecom” you get:

  • Increased sales;
  • Reducing the cost per unit of the consumer;
  • Foundation for future sales success thanks to a new customer base;
  • Improving service quality and increasing interest in the activities of your company.

Receiving orders with “Midas Telecom” could be a simple and easy process, because we have already created a staff of trained and qualified staff who are ready to work with full dedication and focus on good results.