Contact Center Service: Virtual Office

Virtual office – it is one of the most convenient ways of doing business. Procedure outsourcing, namely the transfer of problem solving organizations that specialize in this field of activity, will significantly reduce the cost of resources.

“Virtual Office” – the office of your company , working around the clock, with a certain number of employees without weekend breaks and holidays, and is your personal assistant who is willing to do your job at any time.

In accordance with your instructions, the Secretary will provide each caller to the most complete and current information. Because of the growth of marketing activity, increases the amount of advertising calls and virtual office can save you from intrusive communication. Also, you will be able to transfer a call to any phone of your employee. If it is not in the office, the Secretary may transfer a call on his mobile phone.

By recording all incoming calls at the end of each month, you will be reported, with the date and time of the call, the call numbers and its contents.
Thus, the virtual office will help make doing business easy, and most importantly – effective. Now leaving the office, you can be sure that your office is working harmoniously and productively, customers and partners dials the first time, calls are answered by qualified secretaries, and any message or information obtained from the company’s name will be forwarded to you as soon as possible convenient way to you.